Bola Tinubu finally breaks silence on Amotekun

Bola Tinubu finally breaks silence on Amotekun

After days of a deafening silence from the leader of the APC in the Southwest, Ahmed Bola Tinubu has finally given his opinion on the very controversial security outfit, Amotekun.

The former Lagos state governor who many believe is eyeing the 2023 presidential election, has kept mum on the matter so as not to ruffle the feathers of allies he may need to mount a successful campaign in 2023.

In a very lengthy statement released by the elder statesman he said the security fabric of the country had been torn away hence the need for Amotekun. He also blamed misinformation for the negative reviews that have greeted the launch of the outfit.

He said;

“Amotekun. This issue has dominated recent discourse and media headlines. Distilled to its basics, it concerns how best state governments can assist with the safety and security of their residents.

This is a matter of serious concern entitled to sober thought. However, it has been turned into a political tug-of-war. Fierce, often unthinking rhetoric, for and against, has crossed the lips of too many Nigerians. More subjective talking than objective thinking has been the fuel of this outburst.

“Question those in favour of Amotekun. Most have but the vaguest notion about it. They know few details yet vigorously attribute to its opponents the most negative intentions. Ask those who oppose Amotekun.

They are equally ignorant of its provisions. They oppose the initiative not on its merits but merely because it was proposed by their political opponents or because they don’t see an avenue for personal gain from it.

“While colourful, the rhetoric has been disconcerting. How people have mishandled this matter demonstrates that we still have far to go in perfecting this democracy. Too much energy has been spent distorting this issue instead of seeking a resolution that supports local enhancement of security while keeping the constitution intact. If this becomes the standard for how we handle disagreements then we will obscure Nigeria’s path forward with our own rubbish.

“In this matter, I do not see malign intent in the differences of opinion between the SW Governors as authors of Amotekun and the Attorney-General as the primary law enforcement officer of the Federal Government.

Shorn of the overly dramatic language, what lies before us is but a step in the evolution of our federalism. This is an opportunity to more clearly define that federalism; but one cannot attain this better, more functional definition through overblown, emotional language.

Objectivity and calmness are required. To a significant degree, the enduring quality of our republic will be established by the sagacity with which we handle disagreements regarding the division of power between federal and state governments. Such disagreements are inevitable. This is not the first. Nor will it be the last. We must devote our energies more toward solving problems rather than amplifying them.”

The former Lagos governor also accused those who had been clamoring for his response as political mercenaries who were hoping to use his speech against him politically. Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook

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