Supreme Court gives reasons for sacking Ihedioha

Supreme Court gives reasons for sacking Ihedioha

Nigerians are still reeling from the shock of the Supreme Court removal of Emeka Ihedioha of the PDP in Imo state. The former Imo state governor was removed by the apex court on January 14th and the APC candidate, Hope Uzodinma who came a distant fourth was sworn in as governor.

In a statement released to the press, the Supreme Court says it admitted election materials that Hope Uzodinma and the police tendered in the appeal against the Imo governorship election result because the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and Emeka Ihedioha failed to disprove them.

The APC candidate, Hope Uzodinma had argued that his votes from 388 polling units were excluded at the collation stage. To make his case, he tendered some election materials including documents said to be duplicate of the original election result.

In the judgement, the apex court said: “Having pleaded that the documents are false, the respondents made allegation of criminal nature against the appellants. “They were required to plead the specific elements of fraud and lead evidence showing the genuine results.

Not only must the allegation be proved beyond doubt, it must also be proved that the appellants personally committed the forgery or aided and abetted the commission of the crime or that they procured the commission of the crime through their agents or officials. Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook

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