“Covid-19 is real, stay safe” – Nigerian doctor says as she recovers from the virus in US

Despite the rampaging global effects of the coronavirus, some people still think the global pandemic is a scam.

This is why a US-based Nigerian doctor, Vivian N King, has called on people to stop taking the virus as a joke.

_Covid-19 is real, stay safe_ - Nigerian doctor says as she recovers from virus in US

Over three million people have been infected with COVID-19, while 93 deaths have already been confirmed in Nigeria alone.

Some people think the virus is a scam and not real, claiming that world powers are only spreading fear and panic.

A Nigerian doctor based in the US has now taken to Facebook to reveal that she recently recovered from the virus.

Writing on her page, Vivian N King, wrote:
“I’m a survivor. Stay safe guys. The virus is real.”
Her brother, Augustine Onwurisibe also added that his sister battled with the virus for more than three weeks before she recovered having tested negative twice. He wrote;
“I have been waiting for the perfect moment to write on this.. On the 11th of April 2020 at exactly 8:30 am my elder brother Fakanfa Babington broke the news to me of my sister testing positive to this dreaded coronavirus there in Baltimore USA.. I was devastated.
I couldn’t do much in the office that day. Mum later got to know and became more worried.. We all sent in words of encouragement to her.. We prayed and fasted fervently and as always God NVR fails. 
Today I want to tell u all that my sweet sister Dr vivian kings (Onwusiribe) have fought and defeated the virus and thus she is a survivor having tested negative twice and here she is testifying hale and healthy. 
Dear friends contracting the virus is NVR a death sentence bt following all the WHO guidelines and with prayer you will survive. #stay safe#obey all WHO guidelines..#we will defeat this virus together.”
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