Oyo state head of service’s son responds to ghost work scandal

Ayobami Agboola, son of Oyo State Head of Service who was severely criticised on social media on Saturday, May 9, 2020, over a ghost work scandal.
Agboola has now taken to his social media page, @Dondekojo to react to the ghost work scandal.

Oyo state head of service's son responds to ghost work accusations

He wrote;
Good Morning Everyone, Sometime in February last year,
approached me to help him with any gig, as the current gig he was working with me ended, he suggested A Government gig that can keep him less busy.
I joked with him that it’s impossible for me to do and he should ask his APC friends as they were in power locally in my state and nationally, I then said I’m sure that they’d give him ghost worker gig anyway
He went on to say that they are not reliable and asked if I can help, I told him I doubt it’s possible but to keep his hopes alive, I said I’ll ask someone. I don’t know anyone involved in this, never asked.
He kept pestering me as seen in shots shared earlier for this gig and I kept egging him on because he was doing some pro-bono work for me at the time, he pestered me for several months.
Last night, during a heated debate, he brought it up after I said he should go and meet “Ajimobi’s Govt” for a job, immediately he did this I knew he was about to blackmail myself and possibly my mother.
I shared the time stamps above to exonerate her from this as she didn’t have any Govt role at the time we discussed this and from the screenshots he shared earlier , you can see he was pestering as early as April last year
I want to state categorically that I know nothing about any racketeering scheme, I only egged someone I assumed was a friend on because he was doing pro bono work and I admit I should have been clearer to him as he started pestering.
Oyo state head of service's son responds to ghost work accusations

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