A woman is not mentally or emotionally designed to have multiple s*xual partners - Blacktoe Africa CEO

The group CEO of Blacktoe Africa, Nyasha Madzima, has said a woman isn't mentally or emotionally designed to have multiple s*xual partners.

Nyasha made this known on his twitter page, saying immediately a woman starts having s*x with a man, she reflects his views.

What he said;

''A woman isn’t mentally or emotionally designed to have multiple s*xual partners.
When a female has s*x with a male, the act of him entering her allows his life force and energy to enter her as well. That man’s life force and energy then becomes a part of that woman’s emotional and mental character.

''The more of a man’s life force she takes inside of her, the more like that man she becomes. She starts to take on his ideological outlook on life, and begins to reflect the essence of who that man is.

''That’s why you can always tell when a woman has been with low caliber men. She’ll take on the persona and low level of energy of those men. A woman by divine design becomes a reflection of her man.

''Whoever is s*xing her on the regular, that’s the person’s mindset and ideology she’ll eventually become most aligned with.

''And when she has multiple s*x partners, she has multiple competing spiritual forces fighting inside her soul for the dominant position within her life. This duality within her ultimately leads to confusion.

''I know some of you ladies think you can do what men do and vice versa, but you have to get on your grown woman game and think like an adult. You can’t do what we do. And we can’t do what you all do. The only one who ends up being played in the end is YOU.''

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