Watch Apostle Suleiman's 2019 prophesy where he predicted Trump’s opponent will win, be impeached and his female vice-president will takeover

Could Apostle Suleiman's prophesy about the US election be coming to pass? 

He prophesied in March 2019 that Trump won’t be re-elected, that his opponent would win, be impeached, and the female Vice President will take over.

Obviously, anyone can predict a president like Trump not Winning second term but he also added his opponent will have a female running mate.  

In his words:

“America should not joke with the next election, because they all will support the opponent of the current president.

The Lord gave me a prophesy last year or so, that Trump would not be re-elected.

The opponent is not the issue, but his running mate is, the running mate is a lady and if the opponent wins, the opponent will be impeached for the running mate to take over.” he said in the video

Watch the video below…

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